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Brands We Carry

The bike brands we carry are curated based on a rigorous criterion centered around quality, performance, and innovation. Each brand we feature represents a commitment to excellence in design and engineering, ensuring that our customers receive only the best in cycling equipment. Whether it's a focus on cutting-edge technology, durability in challenging conditions, or a rich history of craftsmanship, our chosen bike brands align with our dedication to providing riders with the utmost in biking experiences.


Specialized Bicycles

Specialized Bicycles is a renowned industry leader dedicated to revolutionizing the world of cycling. With a rich history spanning decades, they are driven by a passion for innovation and a commitment to crafting high-performance bicycles for riders of all levels.


Their unwavering focus on cutting-edge technology and exceptional design has made them a trusted choice for cyclists worldwide, empowering them to push boundaries and experience the joy of riding like never before.

Borealis Fat Bikes

Borealis Fat Bikes is a trailblazing brand dedicated to crafting high-performance fat bikes that redefine adventure on two wheels. With a passion for pushing boundaries, they design and manufacture top-tier fat bikes that thrive in the most challenging terrains, from snow-covered trails to rugged mountain paths.


Their commitment to innovation, quality, and an unwavering love for outdoor exploration make Borealis Fat Bikes the trusted choice for riders seeking the ultimate fat biking experience.

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